Course Details




5 hours course work. There is also an on-the-job component.

Course requirements must be completed within 6 months.


Based upon successful completion of either a workbook or online assessment and on-the-job assessment.

Verification Validity

3 years 

Re-registration for a further 3 years is available at a nominal fee. Evidence of working within the industry during the previous 12 months must be supplied.

Course Accreditation

The course is nationally recognised.

This course provides the candidate with the competence required to deliver safe and enjoyable aquatic activity programs for children between the age of six months and four years of age.

The course utilises the following units of competence:

  • SISCAQU0011  Promote Development of Infants and Toddlers in an Aquatic Environment

The course consists of 5 contact hours (theory), plus practical supervised teaching hours and assessment as well as completion of either a workbook or online assessment. Topics include:

  • Child development - cognitive, motor and emotional
  • Health and safety for Infants
  • Teacher, parent and child interaction
  • Water familiarisation
  • Programming