Update: Active Training' (formerly World Aquatics) is a proudly South Australian owned and operated Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40276).


Aquatics Training Courses

We specialise in providing accredited training for Swimming Instructors; Pool Life Guards; Pool Plant Operators; Infant Swimming Instructors; Swimming Coaches; Aquarobic Instructors; Specific Needs Swimming Instructors as well as training in Aquatic Emergency Procedures. Now offering Certificate III in Aquatics.


First Aid Training Courses

We specialise in providing a diverse range of First Aid courses from CPR (resuscitation) and Provide First Aid to Industry specific courses including Low Voltage Rescue, Provide Advanced Resuscitation and Manage First Aid and Resources.


Fitness Training Courses

Certificate III in Fitness – the perfect pathway to work as an Instructor for Group, Aqua & Gym Programs!!!
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NEW!!!! Certificate III in Fitness (Aqua Focus)......Enquire now!!!!


Aqua Fitness

We offer a range of Aqua Fitness options ranging from our self-paced Specific Aqua Fitness Elective Units through to Certificate III in Fitness (Aqua Exercise Elective Units). We also deliver a range of specialised training in FloatFit, Aquastrength and Gymstick H2O Instructor courses.

Course Schedule

Certificate III in Fitness

Self-paced Learning

Monitor Pool Water Quality

  Friday 02 ,   February 2018

Monitor Pool Water Quality Update

  Friday 02 ,   February 2018

Pool Plant Operator

  Friday 02 ,   February 2018

Pool Plant Operator Update

  Friday 02 ,   February 2018

Provide Quality Service

Self-paced Learning

Swimming and Water Safety Instructor

  Sunday 21 ,   January 2018

Swimming Coach

  Friday 19 ,   January 2018